Get Financing 

Paramount Capital Group

  1. Fill out our simple 1-page online student application.

  2. Paramount will review the student’s application and credit report and provide a same-day decision.

  3. For approved applicants, a complete, compliant PDF document package is provided.

  4. Your student signs the documents and you return the documents to us.

  5. Funds are remitted within 3 – 5 business days. *For some short-term programs, the student must graduate before completing the document-signing process.

  6. Call paramount capital group if there are any further questions 866-681-7282

Merit Loans

  1. Improved credit evaluations and loan terms using your academic, military and work achievements.

  2. Pre-approvals in minutes.

  3. Competitive fixed and variable rates.

  4. Ability to finance full tuition and, in some cases, cost of living.

  5. Affordable payment options, including deferring payment until you complete your training.

  6. No pre-payment penalty.

  7. Borrower assistance that protects you in the event of unemployment or underemployment.

  8. Access to free Meritize Career Success Services.


Call Meritize if you have any further questions 833-637-4848