This 17-week 625-hour program based around the ADCI training requirements will qualify you to to weld and burn underwater, manage a wide range of energized tools, safely conduct in-water and chamber decompression dives and to work on civil & offshore projects. It will also train you to be an effective member of a dive team who can work productively within regulatory requirements while conducting diving operations from shore, barges and diving support vessels.

Complete practical, hands-on training with world-renowned commercial divers who prepare you for an underwater career. Boost your skills and your confidence, as you train for real-world scenarios under close supervision. Designed for getting you trained and out working asap and not skipping and competencies. Our training is not only to a National level but to an International standard. What this means to you is more open water training dives ( up to 99 feet ) and not in tanks . More diving than what is

This program qualifies the holder for job opportunities all over the United States and some International locations.

As a new diver, the ADCI certification will be the ticket to set your career on the right track starting out your career.

The USSD course competencies include but are not limited to:

  • Above all the correct and safe way of conducting commercial diving operations.
  • Hazard identification.
  • Emergency preparedness and Emergency procedures. Work safely in hyperbaric operations.
  • Implement emergency procedures for a surface-supplied diving operation.
  • Maintain effective working relationships within dive or hyperbaric operations team.
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology and diving physics to diving. Basic First Aid, CPR, AED and Emergency Oxygen administration.
  • Assess diving casualty and assist with treatment of diving conditions.
  • Ensure health and safety in occupational diving in compliance with legislation.
  • United States Navy Treatment tables.
  • US Navy and Canadian decompression tables and procedure’s.
  • Utilize and maintain surface-supplied diving equipment. The practical use of over 11 different types of dive helmets.
    Underwater communications using 2 wire and 4 wire systems and Line signals.
  • Underwater Video.
  • Using Wet Bells and Launch and recovery systems.
  • Undertake pre-dive preparations for a surface-supplied diving operations.
  • Undertake underwater deployment in a surface-supplied diving operation.
  • Underwater construction techniques.
  • Undertake post-dive procedures for a surface-supplied diving operation.
  • Perform underwater work with Hydraulic and Pneumatic powered tools.
  • Perform underwater work using cutting and welding. Top side cutting and welding.
    Perform underwater construction work tasks.
  • Identify basic safety and statutory requirements for underwater explosives work.
  • Perform underwater tasks for a diving operation using lift bags.
  • Underwater Salvage. Underwater Rigging. Commercial Scuba Diving. Ships Husbandry.
    Underwater Inspections. Dredging , Airlifts and Water Jets.
    NDT Inspections including Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Inspection techniques.
  • Work effectively in the occupational diving industry. Use of mixed gas in occupational diving operations. Inland and Offshore diving procedures.


*The certifications listed can be earned while successfully completing the 17 weeks/ 625hr. NSSD course and meeting all requirements set forth by the school and certifying authorities issuing the certifications while attending school.

1. NATIONAL Surface Supplied Diving Diploma from CDTI. Shows the holder has met all requirements and has graduated from the prestigious Commercial Diving Technologies Institute.

2. Entry-level Diver/Tender certification from the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) Allows you to work thru out the United States and some International locations.

3. CDTI Qualified Rigging for Commercial Diving. Practical and hands on training that will be used throughout your career.

4. Kirby Morgan Hat User/ Operator Certification exclusively awarded by Kirby Morgan. Shows the holder has been trained in the operation and maintenance requirements necessary to safely operate Kirby Morgan Dive Helmet and Band Masks.

5. DAN First Aid, CPR, AED and Emergency Oxygen Provider
Certifications are awarded thru the Divers Alert Network (DAN).

6. CDTI Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Certification. Shows that you have been trained in the Identification of hazards and safety concerns and how to mitigate these factors in order to safely perform your duties.

7. CDTI Basic Offshore Survival Training Certification. Gives you additional situational awareness.

 8. CDTI Topside welding for Commercial Divers Certification. Gives basic welding training for practical applications.

9. CDTI Underwater Welding for Commercial Divers Certification. Shows knowledge of safety procedures and training in practical application.

10. CDTI Non-Destructive Testing Certification. Shows training achieved in Level I Liquid Penetrant Testing & Level II Magnetic Particle Inspection. Show training achieved to do basic NDT Inspections in various sectors of the industry.